Today we are going to talk about something that you might need to deal with if you have published your first book because this situation is going to arise someday or another.

We are going to talk about how to handle negative book reviews and how to make sure you deal with them in the best way possible and also in a very constructive way.


We do not have to give you bad book reviews examples to help you understand what we mean by bad book reviews because there can be multiple reasons why a reader did not like the book.

The thing about readers is that you can never force them to like anything and you must never try to force your readers to like something because if you do that you are going to get something much worse than negative reviews, no reviews.

There can be different kinds of negative reviews and one of the most common negative book review examples is readers not being happy with the conclusion of the book, this is very common.

This is so common in fact that nearly every popular book series has a cult of fans that do not like the ending and band together to protest that.

The best way how to deal with negative book reviews is generally to ignore them but there is something that you must understand, if the negative reviews come from critics, then you are going to have to deal with them completely differently.


Negative reviews can come from different sources but there is one source that you should always pay attention to and that is the source of critics and the press.

Critics and professional reviews aren’t always bad because sometimes they can be very constructive and since they are experts at what they do, you must pay attention to them and take notes.

If professional reviews talk badly about your book but the general consensus about your book is positive that means the press is unhappy about something and you simply need to contact them individually and ask them.

You must never start a fight with the critics or the press because it is those reviews that are going to be read by the world. Bad reviews retrospective press should be handled patiently and carefully.

Now that we know what are negative reviews and professional negative reviews, let us understand how to deal with negative reviews.



Writing a negative review might not be much to the reader but when you read it, it can mean a lot to you.

This is because you have spent countless hours writing the book and you have spent weeks and months thinking about the book and you know very well that the reader hasn’t spent 10 minutes writing the review.

You have spent so much on professional editing and professional publication to publish the book and it is because of all these reasons you might not stay calm.

But this is your biggest test because this is the exact moment where you must stay calm and composed and understand everything logically.

Your readers are the most important element in the equation of literature and that is why you must never get angry at your readers.

Instead, you must try to understand their state of mind and why they are not happy with the book and if you feel like making changes then you must make changes next time you write a book.


If you still feel very bad after reading the negative reviews then the best thing to do is to read positive reviews and there are reasons for it.

Not everyone has equal taste and that is why there can be many readers who do not like your book but there can also be a lot of readers who like your book very much.

That is why whenever you feel upset about negative reviews you must always look at the positive reviews and you must use some kind of software to find out the ratio between the positive and negative reviews.

If you find out that they are more positive reviews than negative reviews then you need to stop thinking about the negative reviews just then.

And if you find that the ratio between the positive and the negative reviews is equal then again you should not think much about them.

However, if you find that the negative reviews are in greater numbers than the positive reviews then you could take a moment and analyse why people are upset.


By taking action we do not mean that you take legal action against those who write negative reviews but by taking action we mean something else and something very constructive.

You simply need to make a list of negative reviews and divide them into different categories based on why people are not liking the book.

After you do that, you can get a few categories and the reasons why people do not like the book and after that, you need to write it down somewhere.

The reason for this is that you can take a look at this the next time you write because although you do not need to pay any attention to what they say but it is sometimes good to know what they are saying and to even think about it the next time you write.

However, there is something you must understand and that is you should never stop writing because you have a few negative reviews. You must always continue your passion for literature.

It will not take time for the negative reviews to transform into positive reviews if you keep on delivering good work and develop a fan base.

We hope this blog has been helpful to you in order to understand how to deal with negative reviews because negative reviews can be quite common in the literary world and anyone can get negative reviews.

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