Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Extensions For The Ultimate Look!

Hair Extensions

Bad hair days are the worst, right? I’m the kind of person who simply cannot go out without a good hairstyle. I literally end up crying like a baby when my hair ain’t cooperating with me. I’m sure a lot of you can relate as well. This is where hair extensions are your best friend! Doesn’t matter if your hair is looking bad or is going through hair fall, they are going to be your savior! 

I was never a big fan of hair extensions at first, however, when my friend made me try them, I fell in love with them instantly! I have made a guide regarding how you can purchase hair extensions. Keep reading! 

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Hair Extensions

Want to purchase some amazing hair extensions? Check out the tips mentioned below. I always follow these tips and I’m never disappointed with my purchase. 

1-  Keep in the mind the length and weight of your natural hair 

Before purchasing hair extensions, you must keep in mind the length as well as the weight of your natural hair. This is going to help you in understanding the type as well as the weight of extensions that are going to work best for you. If you’ve got short hair, it is recommended that you go for a lighter weight instead of heavyweight extensions. 

2- Ask your Hair Stylist for Advice

When you are choosing hair extensions, you need to ask your hairstylist for advice. Remember, they are experts in the field and know the best. They will tell you what is going to work for you. They are well trained in working with different sorts of extensions and know very well what works best for people. 

3- Your Hair Color Matters 

Your hair extensions should blend with your natural hair or else your hair will look really bad. If you have black hair, go for black extensions or if you have got blonde extensions, go with them. If you want a different color, then go for the one that will compliment your natural hair color.

4- Understand How Long You Want Them To Last 

There are all sorts of hair extensions ranging from short-term to long-term. If you do not want to wear them for a long period of time, then do not spend alot on them and go for clip-in extensions. They are going to work best for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for long-term extensions, then you need to sew in or tape in ones. 

5- Your Budget 

The price of hair extensions is different from brand to brand. For example, JuvaBun offers the best quality at a minimum price, but that is not the best case with every other brand out there. This is why JuvaBun is my go-to brand for hair extensions. If you are on a tight budget, then you need to go for clip-in extensions. However, if you want to sew in ones, then they are going to cost you more but will last longer as well.

6- You Need to Consider How Often You Are Going to Wear Them 

It is not recommended to wear hair extensions on a regular basis as they end up putting a lot of stress on your hair. If you simply want to go wear them on special occasions and not on a regular basis, then you need to go for clip-ins or even bonding extensions.

7- Your Lifestyle 

If you have a highly active lifestyle and you tend to engage in a lot of physical activity, then you need to avoid bonding extensions as they can easily come out. Choose other hair extensions. 

JuvaBun Hair Extensions Have Got Your Back! 

If you are looking for hair extensions, then JuvaBun is the best brand out there. The brand offers a bunch of hair extensions in different styles. Have a look at some of them down below. 

Juva Messy Bun 

Love messy buns? Well, then this hair extension is the best one for you. The Juva Messy Bun gives your hair instant volume and is quite easy to use. It has the best quality ever that it literally looks like your natural hair. It also comes in lots of different colors so that you can easily choose the one that matches your natural hair color. 

Juva Afro Bun 

I have always been a fan of afro hairstyles and wanted an afro head. This is where JuvaBun made my dream come true by offering an afro bun extension. The extension looks so chic and gives me a really classy look. I love wearing different outfits. I also get so many compliments from people when wearing it. 

Juva Magic Ponytail 

A ponytail is a go-to hairstyle that I can literally slay with any outfit! Ponytails give you a chic look and you can never go wrong with them. The ponytail extension by JuvaBun gives you a priceless look. 

Why I Purchased JuvaBun Hair Extensions? 

JuvaBun hair extensions are the best ones you can find out there. They literally look like they are your natural hair due to the smooth look they give. Their hair extensions are made with high-quality hair that literally looks like your own! The best part is that they give your hair instant volume due to their amazing make. You get to achieve a thicker as well as a fuller look in just seconds!

The extensions are pre-styled and waterproof which makes it easier for you to switch your hairstyle without damaging your hair through heat or chemicals. Boost your confidence with their hair extensions and look prettiest as ever! Nothing can go wrong when you trust JuvaBun. 

Treat Your Hair To High-Quality Hair Extensions Ladies! 

So, ladies, JuvaBun hair extensions are going to make you look drop-dead gorgeous. Be it going out for dinner with friends or on a date, you are never going to regret your purchase! Keep slaying and keep your hair on fleek!