Today we are going to talk about something that is a dream for most authors because it is something amazing and can actually help authors because it generates positive interest and demand for the books.

We are of course talking about pre-orders as we are going to present you with the author’s guide to pre-orders and guide you to eBook pre-orders and regular book pre-orders.

We are also going to include strategies for promoting ebooks and regular paperback so that you can get those pre-orders. However, before we do that, let us understand what is a pre-order.


The answer to this is in the name itself because pre-order is when a book gets ordered before its launch date. It is well a book is so popular that it gets orders even before the publication date.

These are early access orders and can have benefits for both the author and the readers simply because the readers can be guaranteed that they are going to get the very first copies after the launch.

How do pre-orders help authors?

The authors can be assured that their books are going to be sold and they can have a definite number of how many books they are going to sell even before the book is launched.

You can have other important questions such as, how many book pre-orders is good? Is there even a number that can help the authors understand the profitability of the book?

Let’s answer this question too.


It is very hard to pinpoint a specific value or number of pre-orders to determine the performance of the book after the launch date.

The reason for this is that every book is different and every book and every genre regards a different number of sales as success.

A fantasy fiction book that is written by a popular author can have 50,000 pre-orders and it can be considered a success and a niche non-fiction book with 100 pre-orders can also be considered successful in its own category.

If you are a new author and this is your debut book then even 50 pre-orders can be considered a good number if you exclude all your friends and acquaintances and relatives.

However, the key thing to understand here is that pre-orders are never a bad thing.

Calculating a number and how it correlates to future success can be even more difficult when it comes to e-books and audiobooks.


Preorders are important and not just that, pre-orders serve a very important purpose and that is to generate interest in the book.

Pre-orders will ensure that the book has good popularity even before it is released and that kind of leverage will ensure that the book is going to have good sales after the release date.

Pre-orders will also ensure that the publishing house or the self-publisher can estimate the percentage of return for their investment which is excellent from a business standpoint.

This is the same as getting orders for some product that hasn’t even hit the market yet, and that is why pre-orders can be a very good morale booster for the author, publishing house as well as the marketing team.

Pre-orders are so popular that even Amazon promotes them and you can go to Amazon pre-order books to find out which books you can pre-order.

However, what about ebook pre-orders? Why use ebook pre-orders? This is a very common question because ebooks are generally easy to manufacture because there is no cost involved in the printing of ebooks.

Even though eBooks do not follow the constraints of regular physical copies for which the concept of pre-orders had been created in the first place, e-books can still avail of all the benefits and advantages that come with pre-orders.


Pre-orders are difficult, to say the least. You are going to have to generate a lot of attention and publicity to expect pre-orders because it is hard to convince people to pre-order a book.

You are going to have to create a buzz and hype up the book to a good degree and show scarcity of supply to compel the readers to pre-order.

So, how do you do that? You will have to use every channel out there to promote your book.


This is often ignored in the online world but this is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that your book generates interest even before it is released.

You simply have to approach a lot of bookstores and give them promotional material to be displayed in the store and sometimes you even might need to spend some money.

The benefit of this is that whenever a new reader enters the store, they are going to be aware of the book and along with that all the details required for the pre-order.

If you do this right then you can generate good leads and some of them will definitely turn into pre-orders.


Social media is one of the most powerful places where you can promote your book and generate interest in the book.

You must promote your book in every book group you find and you must also ask your fans to promote the book for you.

You must also utilise ads on nearly all the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make sure that you have not left any stone unturned.

You might need to spend some money on the promotion but you can be sure that your book will get noticed by a lot of people and some of them will definitely pre-order.


If you are publishing with a traditional publisher or even if you are self-publishing, you are probably doing it with a publisher.

The best thing about this is that nearly every reputed publisher has an e-mail list for promoting new releases. You can promote your book there.

We hope this blog has been helpful to you in order to understand the concept of pre-orders and how to ensure that you can also set up your book’s pre-order strategy.

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