Science and Education


The greatest benefit to humanity has been the development of science, which has resulted in societal prosperity via the spread of information and education. Science has assisted man in reaching the sky, measuring the depths of seas, and wresting many of nature’s secret riches. It has revolutionised human existence beyond any comprehension in recent years. Science, via its sophisticated innovations and discoveries, has had a significant impact on human social life, alleviating pain, ignorance, and misery. Science has expanded society’s knowledge boundaries in a variety of ways and directions. It has enabled man to combat natural disasters while also revolutionising industrial and agricultural operations.

With the assistance of science, the level of education has substantially improved. People are becoming more conscious and want to learn more about what is going on in the globe. Television is receiving more attention in the educational, social, and moral realms in the current era of Science. Man may now sit in the comfort of his living room and view the latest world events from the comfort of his own house. Education has grown tremendously as a result of television. It also has a high educational value. As of today, the University Grants Commission runs a variety of programmes to educate various disciplines via television.

Various disciplines such as Chemistry, Physics, English, Commerce, and Mathematics, among others, may be extremely successfully taught through television programmes if suitable methodologies are used. Students benefit greatly from such lectures delivered in the form of images pertaining to numerous themes.

The content taught on television leaves a more lasting and powerful imprint on the minds of viewers. Furthermore, it is the work of experienced professors who appreciate the difficulties faced by students who seek education in addition to their employment or who cannot afford to attend a traditional institution. In a big country like India, where the majority of the people is illiterate, the relevance of science in the spread of education via television cannot be overstated.


Science has also provided the most sophisticated and well-equipped facilities for students to learn and do practicals. The deployment of INSAT and other communication satellites into orbit has given the cause of education a boost. The boundaries of a state or nation is no longer an impediment to obtaining a qualification from a certain university. The student can take a variety of courses through satellite-run programmes. The largest and most significant success of science in this sense has been the establishment of the internet. The internet has caused a significant shift in the worlds of education and knowledge. In a matter of seconds, he may access a world of knowledge with the click of a mouse.

With the use of science, even the most minute details of any type of information or data may be captured on cassettes, discs, or written in books. The libraries of schools, colleges, and universities are stocked with the most recent books and periodicals on a wide range of topics. A student can choose to study any topic on a computer or by reading a book. He has every choice accessible to him. Science has provided him with opportunities to explore a variety of new disciplines in the investigation and growth of science itself.

Science has enabled students to travel all over the world not just for fun but also to learn about numerous natural wonders and historical sites. He can use autos, trains, ships, and aeroplanes to get to his destination on time. He, too, may communicate with any family or friend living anywhere in the globe at any time of day or night. As a result, he is less stressed and can concentrate better on his academics. A student can accomplish a project that would have taken months or years to complete in a matter of hours. Communication and transportation have significantly improved the quality of life for students.

Science has brought all other types of pleasure to the student’s door. Radio, television, and movie are assisting the student in easing the everyday pressures of life by giving him with the greatest and most economical entertainment. Certainly, students’ daily lives have changed dramatically as a result of scientific discoveries. Science truly is a limitless supply of fresh information for a student and will be an everlasting source of new blessings in the purpose of spreading education across all horizons of the planet.