5 reasons why your iPhone 7 works hard and gets hot

iPhone 7

While charging your phone are not sensible you should never do it for longer than necessary.


  1. It’s not sensible to charge your phone for long.

Carrying and charging your phone is all about convenience.

The closer you can keep your phone with you, the better.

Not only does it do you good to carry your phone with you, but it also helps you to communicate with people as well.

If you carry your phone with you, you can answer calls and texts whenever you have a chance to do so.

Most importantly, it’s not sensible to keep your phone plugged into the wall for a long time.

  1. Charging your phone from the wall using a cable is not safe.

Charging your phone from the wall is not safe!

Not only can it damage your phone, but it can also damage the wall itself.

 optimizing your charging method.

  1. Even if you plug your phone into the wall, it can be unsafe still.

Most of the time, if you plug your phone into the socket to the wall, the electricity will go through a high voltage circuit breaker to the socket.

If it gets too hot, it may burst into flames.

  1. Charging your phone in a kitchen is not safe at all.

If you keep your phone plugged into the kitchen sink, the electricity is mixed with water.

That means the electricity is then mixed with water.

 This way, your phone can get wet and it may even explode.

If you are charging your phone in the kitchen, you can use an external charger.

That’s the safest way to charge your phone.

  1. Charging your phone in the bathroom is not safe at all.

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Stay away from burned iPhone 7s.

I got a problem with my iPhone 7 that I could not figure out. I’ve dropped my iPhone 7 a couple of times and the screen is broken. I brought it to an Apple store and the screen was replaced. This time, the screen is not broken but the phone is extremely hot. It feels like the case is melting.

The temporary solution worked, but I am always afraid that this problem will happen again. I have called Apple’s tech support and they said that there is nothing they can do, and my iPhone would have to be sent to repair. My iPhone 7 is very expensive. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this problem without sending the phone back to Apple.


Thank you for writing to us with your concern. If you are experiencing a melted case, then I would highly recommend that you seek out a replacement to avoid a case that is damaged.

We hope this information helps.

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 Never leave your phone charging for long periods.

iPhones all over the world are charging on the go and generating a lot of heat.

Apple’s iPhone 7 is the first iPhone to have the A10X processor as its base, making it one of the most powerful and energy-efficient devices available to consumers.

Apple’s silicon experts have developed a new “neural engine”, which uses the power of a 10-core Apple A10X chip to detect visual patterns, and a series of custom-designed neural networks to learn and recognize these patterns.

The A10X chip is designed to harness the power of a group of three different Intel “jets”, each of which has the power of two cores, to work together to deliver the best possible performance.

What is a brownout?

A brown out is a temporary loss of power, or in this case, the power of your iPhone.

It happens because the Apple A10X chip is so power-efficient that it runs out of power.

The A10X chip can’t run fast enough to keep up with the power demands of your iPhone, so it slows down.

To avoid this, Apple has put in a thermal sensor to detect when the chip is overheating, and automatically switch itself off to avoid the loss of power. In this state, the iPhone will shut down completely.

And if it does not, it can tell you that it is overheating and give you the option to turn off the “battery saver” mode.

It is recommended to keep your iPhone away from your charger, and if you are planning to charge your iPhone via USB, avoid any cords that might get tangled up with it.

 Never leave the iPhone 7 plugged in!


Unlike the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S Plus, the iPhone 7 is a powerful smartphone that is built to last. Powering the iPhone 7 is the Apple A10 Fusion chip, which is the first 64-bit chip built on a 7nm process. It delivers up to 50 percent faster performance and up to 50 percent better efficiency than the A9 chip. The result is incredible performance and a device that lasts longer than ever.


It’s not just about how fast it is or how durable it is. The iPhone 7 is a beautiful device with a premium design that is sleek and slim. Even though it’s a powerful device, it feels comfortable to hold and easy to use. It’s also thinner and lighter than ever.

What to do during a slow charge.



The iPhone 7 comes with a 12MP rear camera with dual-tone flash and 4K video recording capability. The iPhone 7 camera is designed to capture a stunning shot every time, not just when you “click” and capture the picture.


The iPhone 7 comes with some of the best apps and features for your smartphone. Apple Pay lets you pay for things quickly and easily. Siri can respond to your voice, answer questions, and navigate you to your destination.


The iPhone 7 comes with a stunning display, with a 4.7-inch Retina HD display with True Tone technology.

 keep your iPhone 7 in air-conditioned environments.

Cannot keep your iPhone 7 in air-conditioned environments?

The reason is that your iPhone 7

But you can keep it in other environments such as smaller environments like a refrigerator, a freezer, or a car.

But you mustn’t expose your iPhone 7 to extreme temperatures.

So, you must be careful of the temperature of the environment you keep the iPhone 7 in.

Please keep your iPhone 7 in an air-conditioned environment with a temperature of more than 4 degrees Celsius, so that your iPhone 7 can work in optimal condition.

If the environment in which you are keeping your iPhone 7 is not air-conditioned, then you should keep your iPhone 7 in a cool environment.

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