The University Application Process for International Students

For students within the United States applying to universities in their own country, the application process is a series of difficult essays and tests that must completed and forms that must be filled out. However, for a student who wishes to attend an American university but resides in a different country, this process is made exponentially more difficult, particularly when it comes to getting in contact with a representative from the university of your choice.

That is not to say that you should give up if you are one of these students, though. Just because getting in contact with the school is difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Naturally, the best people to ask about how to apply to a certain university are those who actually work for that university. It’s becoming increasingly common for universities to have instant chat features, where a person in any part of the world can talk to a representative for that university, regardless of the time.

However, for universities that do not have this feature implemented on their homepage, contacting someone to ask questions is slightly more difficult. You can email an official, but this does not promise that your questions will get answered soon, or sometimes even at all. Your best option in this case is to call the university.

There are two major things to take into consideration here: the charges that will be made to your phone bill for long-distance and out of country calls, but mostly the office hours of that university. Due to time differences, calling at five in quick forum readtopic propecia signature content the afternoon in your country may be the equal to calling at two in the morning in their country. Check time differences and be sure to make your call at the appropriate hour.


A final, but no less important, consideration is the language barrier. This is particularly important to those getting in contact with the university of their choice via a telephone call. When typing a message, it is easy to take time and check to make sure you’re conveying the correct meaning, but this is not possible to do during a phone call.

If you are calling a member of the international office staff, make sure that either you are fluent in the language or they have someone on their end who can translate. A final consideration to make in this case is accents – even in face to face conversations accents can be hard to understand, so make sure that you are patient with the staff member if they do not understand yours, and be patient with yourself when understanding theirs.

Dennis Dunham, PhD is the Executive Director of International Services at the University of Central Oklahoma. He is credited with helping over 16,000 international students come to the United States. Dr. Dunham has received many awards in the field of international education. Dr. Dunham holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Technology and Masters of TESOL. Dr. Dunham, a former Peace Corps Volunteer, speaks Korean and French.

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